DrGoniometer is a tool whereby physiatrists, orthopaedists and physiotherapists can measure the movement angles of their patient’s articulations and store all related data.
It is the only tool supported scientifically by comparative studies on real cases, as mentioned hereunder.

The tool enables the management of patient records by telephone links, measurement of patient articulation angles and storage of all related information to build up historical data bases for each articulation and movement.
Measurement is by photographing the articulation and identifying the pictures taken with three separate markers.
Picture taking is supported with perpendicular reference to ground level, iPhone alignment identification and patient central position referencing. These data come from Medical Literature suggestions for completing this type of reliable measurement (Cf. for instance, Dunlevy C. et al. Procedural considerations for photographic-based joint angle measurements, Physiother. Res. Int. 2005; 10(4): 190-200).

DrGoniometer has been used in recent studies – the publication of which is currently under way – that have identified reliability and measurement errors comparable to those of professional measurement tools (such as the Universal Goniometer, Isokinetic Tools Goniometer and the like).
A new iPhone-based Goniometer (DrGoniometer): a Validation Study, in particular, reports that various measurements on several patients were made simultaneously with professional tools and DrGoniometer. Measurements with the latter were repeated by different physiatrists and physiotherapists and results indicate comparable measurement errors for the DrGoniometer and other tools.

In addition to the above, further features are also available, through InApp Purchase, to:
- computer browse all DrGoniometer data (such as patient records, measurements, photos and the like) and print any patient articulation record;
- backup all DrGoniometer data on the computer;
- use a previously created back-up to restore all DrGoniometer data on any iPhone (as in the event of iPhone replacement or application re-installation, for instance).
All the above features are available with no additional computer software required, just a common Internet browser; any operating system is supported, whether Microsoft, Apple, Linux, or others.
The iPhone and PC used must be on the same WiFi network for computer and DrGoniometer connection. Should no WiFi connection be available, if the iPhone is connected to a mobile network and the PC to the Internet, the computer will connect to DrGoniometer depending on the mobile network in use.

DrGoniometer ensures constant measurement tool availability and access to patient data bases. New measurements can always be made at each patient visit, with no need for constant patient record updating as completed measurements are stored automatically on the iPhone or PC used and are retrievable whenever needed.

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